Basic Deluxe Package Includes:  


1. Kitchen:

Clean & Sanitize all countertops

Clean & Sanitize sink and faucets

Clean exterior of appliances (major)

Clean inside & out of microwave

Clean exterior of refrigerator

Clean exterior of stove

Clean exterior of dishwasher machine

Vacuum floor

Mop floor

Empty trash container

2. Bathrooms

Clean & Sanitize counter and sinks

Clean & Sanitize shower or tub

Clean & Sanitize toilets

Shine mirrors

Vacuum  floor

Mop floor

Dust light fixtures within reach

Shine stainless fixtures

3.  Bedrooms/Family Room

General dusting(no knick nacks)

Vacuum carpet or floor

Mop floor

Pick up straighten pillows

Empty trash containers

Clean inside sliding window in the family room only

Clean ceiling fan blade